Thursday, June 23, 2016

Eric Hinton....the Velobanjogent remembers a friend and a great rider from the "Continental Circus" and Australian motorcycle racing.....

Last December was a sad day for motorcycle racing with the passing of Eric Hinton after a long illness.....The day of his funeral was a cool wet day in early summer in Sydney, but many of his  friends, acquaintances and people who respected him for the man and great motorcycle racer that he was joined his family to say their farewells......

This remembrance from me is long overdue so lets follow Eric photographically through some of his motorcycle racing life.....
Many of the photos following are a result of the diligent work by motorcycle journalist Don Cox in the preparation of his "essential reading book"...
"Circus Life"  published in 2012 and reviewed by me the other year....
And I thank Don for his permission to use them

Eric was borne into what became the Hinton dynasty of motorcycle racers....his father Harry Hinton, elder brother Harry Hinton Jnr and younger brother Robert Hinton.....
He and Harry Jnr rapidly made a name for themselves in the world of European motorcycle racing in the period 1956 to 1965 over several period during this time. Sadly Harry Jnr died of pneumonia in hospital following a crash at Imola, Italy in April 1958 when the big end of his Norton broke and seized with the bike hitting a fence and cannoned back onto the track hitting Harry in the chest.....
L to R... Eric, Harry snr, Harry jnr.

Eric, #2, pushes off his 350 Norton in the 1956 IOM Junior TT
 Eric and fellow Aussie Dick Thomson's Ford V8 van, transport for 1956.
Following a conversation with Keith Campbell, Eric made the decision not to ride in GPs but to enter the lesser international race meetings where start money and prize money was better but the chance of being overlooked for a factory ride was the downside.
 Pierre Monnerett, factory 350 Gilera-4 harassed by Eric at Villefranche-de-Rouergue in 1956.

#80 Eric, 350 Norton....St Wendel, West Germany.

Eric with a new 350 Manx at St.Wendel, 1956. 

 Eric #4, full bin streamlined Norton follows #8 Hans Baltisberger likely 1956 in Czechoslovakia.

 In the Chemnitz Hotel, Chemnitz Germany August 1956...Eric centre, Keith Bryen by the gramophone, Bob Brown down to Eric's right, Alan Burt to the front of Bob.
 Team Hinton 1957, Eric and Harry jnr...

Eric at the IOM TT races, 1957. He finished 5th in the Junior TT.

Eric Hinton, the toast of St.Wendel after he won the 350 and 500 races on Nortons....
Eric wins the 500 class at St.Wendel 1957

 The Hinton brothers at St.Wendel 1957
 21-7-57 the German 350 GP at Noris-ring, Nuremberg. Keith Bryen 1st, Eric Hinton 2nd and Vally Lunberg 3rd.
Harry jnr, Keith Bryen, Eric , Vally Lundberg German GP 1957.

The Hinton "camp" at the 1958 IOM TT...Harry jnr had acquired the ex Geoff Duke Velocette with an ex works 350 DOHC engine. Later on the continent at the German GP when he entered it in the 350 class he was sniggered at...but the smiles soon vanished when he finished 5th on it....When Eric was in aged care several years ago I asked him why the Velocette and he said Harry jnr felt it was a better all round ride....

Eric with the 350 DOHC  Velocette at a friends house in the Birmingham area, 1958.
Eric with Ken Kavanagh at Brno, Czechoslovakia in 1958.
Eric on his 250 NSU Sportsmax at Schleiz, East Germany 1958.
On the road in 1966 during his final tour...Eric with Jack Ahearn.
 Eric in later years......

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Renolds....Renolds Chains Limited.....a look at the drive chains used on motorcycles and details of the sizes used on Velocettes from 1931 to 1970....

Renolds Chain Manufacturers, The Renold and Coventry Chain Company Limited have been manufacturers of drive chains for motorcycles and other uses since before 1931...well that's the earliest catalogue I have.....
So this is a brief perusal of a small booklet published by Renolds in 1935 and lists of the drive chain sizes for Velocette motorcycles from 1931 to 1970....and Veloce Ltd, manufacturers of Velocette from 1905 who went into liquidation in February 1971 and ceased making Velocette motorcycles at that time.....
The number to the far right in the lists is the number of pitches or complete links, including the connecting link used for that model.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Velocette....Bertie Goodman...BJG...the managing director who rode & tested his product....part 3

I've done several posts on Bertie Goodman, known to many as BJG and who was the last managing director of Veloce Ltd., manufacturers of Velocette motorcycles from 1905 to 1971.
See.....  Bertie Goodman part 1
and...  Bertie Goodman part 2
Since then I've come across some more interesting photos of BJG in the photo library of the Vintage Motorcycle Club, Allen House, Wetmore Road, Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire, DE14 1TR to whom I credit the photos I've used which were originally from both "MotorCycling" and "The MotorCycle", the magazines for motorcycling in the UK of the day.
The following photos were taken at the MIRA test facility ....
 Changing the gearing on the Venom Clubman with the well known Velocette registration number.... SOX631
 They always claimed BJG could really flatten himself to a great aerodynamic shape on a motorcycle...
 Bernal Osborne the Midlands editor for "MotorCycling" on the naked Velocette Valiant 200cc twin, with BJG on SOX631 centre and an unknown rider on a Velocette Valiant Veeline model.
 BJG, sans helmet on the Valiant Veeline....

 Road testing the Velocette viceroy scooter and the LE mk.3 with Bernal Osborne..

BJG with a Velocette mk.3 LE

 BJG in the Veloce carpark with a special ISDT Velocette likely in 1968
 In the IOM at a VMCC rally with Club president of the time, Eric Thompson, BJG prepares to go for "a canter" on Eric's mk.1 KTT.
BJG in the Ulster GP on a mk.8, engine number KTT911, 1948 he was 3rd place in the event.

BJG in the 1949 Ulster GP, #56, engine number KTT911 

Testing the new RS swinging arm frame in the IOM, note KTT engine
A strange photo, well the angle it was taken at....BJG during the unsuccesful 350 record attempt on the 100mph for 24hrs at Montlery, France in 1963.

Bertie with wife Maureen ( left} and likely George and Ethyl Denly (Goodman's) central at a ball.

                                         BJG...Bertie Goodman as many people knew him.